Added a Game of Thrones calendar stream to enchantd July 26 2015

Game of Thrones came up as a popular request for a calendar feed, so we added it! You can download the enCal app at the Google Play store or it comes on the enchantd screen that you can buy here and have all set up for you

There must be a better way...... July 26 2015

We love this pic from Delightful Order…/childrens-homeworkmessage… and totally respect the huge amount of effort that has gone into setting this up, but it's one of those things that makes you think there must be a better way to organise the kids.

Which is why we designed enchantd! You can have all the homework diaries on the one page with big alerts so they don't miss anything, and they can all use it with the touchscreen. And you can have all the other family calendars on there as well as on your phone. With some great pictures too, just like the kitchen calendar, only digital.