The digital hub for your home

Get rid of all the paper and lots of stress in your life! The great thing about enchantd is that it's always ready for you to use, and brings together all those things that can be really annoying. Unlike other tablets, it switches on when you walk in the room thanks to the unique enSwitch app we have developed, and can display anything you have on your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad. This can range from the latest traffic information to new recipes to messages from the children's school and your online grocery shopping - everything available when you need it, where you need it. 

There are great image feeds available in our enCal app that links to the online Google, Outlook or Apple diaries of all your family, bringing everything you need together in one place.  

Because it is based on Android you can use the millions of other apps from Google Play, although we can help you with the ones we find useful to make your life easier.