How enchantd helps

The paper calendar in your kitchen is over 100 years old as an idea, and just as the paper diary has been replaced by the smartphone, so the paper calendar will be replaced by new technology. This means you only have to enter information once - on your smartphone, at work, on the screen, and it is available to everyone.

enchantd offers a calendar that works in exactly the same way as your existing calendar, only smarter. It is always on for you to use as the screen switches on automatically when you come in the room, and there is a wide choice of pictures and animated images to sit alongside the calendar info to brighten up your day.

Better than that, YOU can create the images for your own calendar. 

All the information is available to everyone, so the kids can see what's going on and get themselves organised and you are no longer their diary.

Once you have this interactive screen, there is so much that it can help you with, as you can download a huge range of apps from the Google Play store. enchantd can display maps with all the traffic information to help make your morning easier. It can monitor the electricity you use, and with home automation apps, switch off equipment that's not being used. You can scan the products in your kitchen and find the cheapest deals on your shopping,  automatically add them to an online shipping list. 

This also means you are less dependent on your smartphone. You can have time away being head down in a screen, and still know what's going on. It's about sharing and family life.