The enchantd touchscreen family organiser


We know it's tough keeping the family organised and getting the kids to the right place with the right things. We designed the brilliant enchantd touchscreen tablet to keep you on top of organising your family by being big enough to be really easy to use, and you can buy it here with no risk at all with our enchantd guarantee. 

This is truly unique technology for your home, as our specially developed enSwitch app automatically turns the screen on when you walk in the room. This saves you time and money by making your family calendar with its great pictures and its money saving offers from Groupon or Wowcher always available without having to dig out a phone or tablet. All this needs a big screen, which is four times larger than a standard tablet, all for less than the price of an iPad. 

The heart of the enchantd screen is our enCal app (which is also on Google Play) that is optimised for large touchscreens. It comes with a range of great free image feeds alongside your own calendar information so there's a new picture every time you look at the screen: 

  • Great landscapes
  • Quotes  for Mum
  • Animals
  • Sherlock
  • Game of Thrones
  • Great British Bake Off 
  • Dr Who
  • Fun moving GIFs
  • Taylor Swift's Instagram
  • Money saving deals
  • Great Recipes - ideas for what to cook tonight
  • You can add your own calendar feed through the enchantd Publisher programme that comes free with the enchantd screen

But enchantd is about more than a great, easy to share family calendar. There are many other apps that can help make your day so much better:

  • Scan the barcodes on your shopping in the fridge or store cupboard and save money with MySupermarket
  • Check real time traffic info and real time bus and train information on Google Maps before you leave the house
  • Really easy to read for recipes (and you don't get your expensive phone or tablet covered in mess)
  • Find your keys or wallet via a Bluetooth tag and app (which we will also sell)
  • Have screen free time for you and the kids without missing anything important
  • Play your Spotify or Amazon Prime music in the kitchen and watch your favourite TV shows  
  • Energy monitoring with The Loop or Hive
  • Play Minecraft on a big screen
  • Messaging with WhatsApp
  • Find a child's phone with LociLoci
  • and many thousands more apps .....

All these run on our large touchscreen tablet and you can see a demonstration here in our kitchen. This runs Android (4.4) so that you can  access to millions of apps on Google Play, providing the same experience as an Android phone, iPhone or iPad and is reliable technology made by HP - we know because we have been testing it for the last two years. The difference is that it is always available to use, so there is no more digging around for a phone or tablet. As we are a small family tech firm, we know how to help you, we are easy to contact directly and we are happy to help.

We are always happy to consider new calendars and are building a community around the image feeds. enCal links to the online Google, Outlook or Apple iPhone and iPad (via Google) diaries of all your family, bringing everything you need together in one place.  

 We offer a full money back guarantee - if you call or email us to tell us why you want to return the screen, we'll even pay to pick it up, so there's absolutely no risk. You are also protected by a three year guarantee.


The screen can sit anywhere in the home, from the kitchen to the hall, wherever works best for your family  - it just needs a single plug (and there's no battery to recharge). It easily connects to your wireless broadband in the same was as any tablet or smartphone.  Everything is set up by us with a selection of apps to be ready to use when you take it out the box. 

The 2GB of RAM and 16GB of flash storage in the screen are great for all your Android apps. To make things even easier, we have free shipping and there's our 'no quibble' guarantee, along with a three year guarantee and our dedicated support, so there's absolutely no risk.

The hardware has been developed by HP and has: 

  • a high performance quad-core Tegra 4 T40S (1.60GHz) processor from NVIDIA
  • a full HD 1920x1080 IPS touchscreen for a great viewing experience
  • 2 GBytes of DDR3 memory 
  • 16 GB built-in storage + memory card reader for extra storage
  • DTS Sound+
  • Android 4.4 operating system
  • A built-in 720p web camera
  • LAN + Wi-Fi + Bluetooth for connecting to smart home sensors and devices 
  • 3 USB ports that can be used for charging smartphones and tablets or for wireless mouse and keyboard connections
  • Google Play certified for millions of popular Android apps
  • the enchantd enSwitch app
  • the enchantd enCal calendar app
  • a wide range of other apps for shopping, music, notes etc

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